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Uluwatu and an introduction to Bali traffic police

February 03, 2019

Welcome to Uluwatu

Yesterday was one of the nicer days. I went to Uluwatu, saw some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, got stopped by the traffic police on my way there and then, by an immense amount of rainfall on my way back.

We were supposed to leave at 9:30 in the morning but ended up leaving at around 11:30 because Pete. We refueled and we were on our way to Padang Padang beach… only to be stopped by the cops. There had to be at least 20 of them and they were stopping all the tourists and checking to see if they had an international drivers license. I as one would predict, didn’t.

They pulled us over and asked me to get my documents and go to talk to the cops standing at the other end. The cop I ended up talking to, wasn’t a very pleasant human being, to say the least. He told me I had to leave my scooter and my keys with him, take the receipt he’d give me to the court and pay 1 million IDR (5000+ INR)! Or, I could give him 500k IDR and be done with it then and there. Having lived in Mumbai all my life, I very well knew where this was going and saw the potential to pay even lesser. Eventually, I ended up paying him 200k IDR and we were on our way.

After driving for around an hour after the cops stopped us, we were finally at Padang Padang beach. Probably the most beautiful looking beach with the cleanest water I’ve ever seen. We chilled on the beach for a bit before going in for a swim and then eventually heading out. We then went looking for lunch, stopped at a (super expensive) Portuguese place before eventually leaving for Uluwatu Temple.

Pura Luhur (Uluwatu Temple) has to be the highlight of my trip so far. I don’t know why but the place just screamed peaceful (see what I did there?) to me and I just didn’t want to leave. Every part of it was beautiful and as a bonus, we got to see a bunch of monkeys stealing stuff left, right and center. Here’s my favorite picture of the place.

Uluwatu Temple

We waited till around 7 to see the sunset and then we left to go back home only to be met by a LOT of traffic followed by a LOT of rain but after riding for around 2 hours total, we finally made it back. Safe and sound and straight into our beds for a good night’s sleep. Here’s a picture of us trying to take a decent selfie.

Ines, Faraz and Pete

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